Introducing the Aurelio – The Philippines First Supercar

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Will this ever get made? We have our doubts.

The Philippines isn't famed for its contribution to the automobile industry. But that could be about to change after 21-year-old engineering student Kevin Factor and Pacita Fibertech joined forces in order to create the country's first supercar. Going by the marque Factor Aurelio Automobile (FAA), the freshly formed carmaker has introduced its maiden project, dubbed the Aurielo. The two-door sports coupe boasts a handmade chassis, a carbon-fiber and fiber-glass body, scissor doors, a VR4 suspension and 18-inch Rota alloys.

Although billed as a supercar, the Aurielio will come powered by either a Mitsubishi 4G63T 2.0-liter turbo or a Honda VTEC 16-valve motor. Performance figures have yet to be announced, but it certainly looks fast if not a little crude. Whether it will ever reach production or go the way of countless other failed supercar startups remains to be seen.

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