Introducing The First Ever Lexus Plug-In Hybrid

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The all-new 2022 NX 450h+.

Lexus, like most other major manufacturers, is quickly moving towards a more sustainable future. Part of this shift involves slowly making its ICE offerings greener, while building up its EV base. Lexus has for a while now offered hybrid vehicles, including three hybrid sedans, of which the LS Hybrid is one, and three hybrid SUVs, such as the NX Hybrid. Lexus is now charging further down the electric path by offering its first-ever plug-in hybrid, the all-new 2022 NX 450h+.

The unveiling of this car is only the beginning of Lexus' plan to reveal 20 new green vehicles by 2025, half of which will be battery electric, plug-ins and hybrids.

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The 2022 NX 450h+ also brings Lexus one step closer to its goal of being carbon neutral by 2050, a date at which point most of us will be fighting bloody wars for water and other scarce resources. The new 2022 NX 450h+ might be a plug-in hybrid, but it's no slouch. The crossover is powered by a 304-horsepower plug-in hybrid electric powertrain that combines a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with an electric powertrain and newly developed high capacity lithium-ion battery pack. This endows the 450h+ with an all-electric range of an impressive 37 miles, and an impressive 84 MPGe as estimated by the EPA.

"It still has a gas tank, and you can drive very far, just like you can in a traditional car. A lot of people think that the main purchase reason for getting an electrified vehicle is the fuel economy. I think for the new NX 450h+, it might actually be performance," says Todd Blickenstaff, product marketing senior analyst at Lexus.

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The new car won't have to be charged to drive, but for those who want to save on gas, charging the car for all-electric travel is recommended. The 450h+ can reach a full charge in around two and a half hours when charged with the optional 6.6 kW onboard charger plugged into a 220-volt outlet. The NX 450h+ AWD will go on sale at an MSRP of $55,560. Getting behind the wheel of one of these new plug-in hybrids might not be so simple due to ongoing supply chain issues, but the fact that the car shares its platform with the Toyota RAV4 Prime means that motoring giant Toyota will do everything it can to speed up production.

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