Invictus GT Is A Series 2 Lotus Exige With 1960s Styling

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The owner took 10 years to take it from idea to finished product.

Sometimes the car gods treat us with something extraordinary entirely out of the blue, and today that's the Invictus GT.

As first reported by PistonHeads, the vehicle results from 10 years of hard work from one man, culminating in a gorgeous car that appears to be straight out of the 1960s. The Invictus is just a body, however. It started life as a Series 2 Lotus Exige S, which is the perfect platform. It has the correct proportions for the dainty body, and exceptional handling is included as standard.

The Invictus has its own Instagram page, revealing how it was built. Iker Lopez Totorika designed the vehicle, and from there, it was brought to life by Windsor Coachworks, a bespoke and low-volume vehicle manufacturer founded in 2018.

Invictus GT Instagram Invictus GT Instagram

A 1:1 scale foam model was first made, and soon after, it was handed over to Windsor Coachworks. After that, it took 12,500 hours to bring it all together and ensure the vehicle's panels were as perfect as possible.

Scrolling through the vehicle's Instagram posts, you better understand exactly what went into the process, with the final product ending up somewhere between a De Tomaso Sport 1000 and a Lola Lola T70.

It looks like the vehicle that inspired the De Tomaso P72. The '60s styling is just unmissable, and the donor vehicle's lightweight construction will complement it exceptionally well. The Exige S was equipped with a supercharged Toyota 2ZZ-GE four-pot producing 220 horsepower, and if the weight was kept in the same region, it should be able to match the Lotus' original 0 to 60 mph time of 4.1 seconds.

Invictus GT Instagram Invictus GT Instagram

Will it just be a one-off taken out on long drives by the owner, inviting stares of awe and confusion from people at car shows, or is there an opportunity to expand production a little? The owner reportedly said the latter is possible, though we imagine that will come down to demand.

Although, with expanded production comes increased scrutiny from others in the industry. Just look at what happened between De Tomaso and Glickenhaus.

Increased production opens up the possibility for more power and possibly even alternative forms of propulsion like electricity. Tesla Model S or Model 3 drivetrain conversions are undoubtedly popular, even if enthusiasts do turn their noses up at them. Whatever happens, we feel there's more in store for this sports car and look forward to what comes from it.

Invictus GT Instagram Invictus GT Instagram

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