Ionna Is The Latest US EV Charging Network That Will Challenge Tesla's Supremacy

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Ionna aims to open at least 30,000 charging stations in the US and Canada.

Ionna has announced the start of its EV charging network business in North America following approval from regulatory authorities.

For the uninitiated, Ionna is a joint venture by seven major automakers: BMW, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, and Stellantis. The company is taking the fight to the Tesla Supercharger network in offering EV owners DC fast-charging stations powered by renewable energy, which, in turn, provides sustainable charging services.

Ionna's new charging stations will be compatible with Tesla's NACS (North American Charging Standard), a type of connector many automakers are adopting, including Toyota. EVs with CCS (Combined Charging System) connectors can also charge up at Ionna stations.

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EVs outside the seven car brands mentioned, such as the Tesla Model 3, can avail of Ionna's services. The company will provide customers with a convenient stay at their networks with amenities like restrooms, food service, and retail operations.

Customers of participating automakers can benefit from seamless integration with Ionna's functions and services through their respective in-vehicle and in-app functions. Some of these are online reservations, route planning, and, of course, payment applications.

On Tesla's side, the Texas-based automaker has a Supercharger diner and drive-in movie - now under construction in Los Angeles.


Seth Cutler is tapped to take the CEO role at Ionna. He had experience working as lead at electric mobility industry players like EV Connect, Electrify America, and General Electric (GE).

"I am honored to lead Ionna and work alongside these esteemed automakers in shaping the future of electric mobility. Our shared commitment to creating an extensive, high-powered charging network reflects our dedication to revolutionizing the entire EV charging experience and helping to drive widespread EV adoption," said Cutler.

Ionna aims to open at least 30,000 charging stations in the US and Canada, with the first ones expected to operate this year. The company also plans to become North America's leading EV charging network by the decade's end.


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