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Iowa Man Starts Police Chase Because 'It Was On His Bucket List'

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Well, there are certainly worse ways to have fun.

Life is such a short and uncertain thing that it's wise to err on the side of error rather than the side of caution. What are you more likely to regret when your time comes anyway? The mistakes you've made or the things you never got a chance to do but kept telling yourself you'd do eventually? That's what we thought. It's because of that yearning to live life to its fullest, however, that some people make bucket lists. KCCI of Des Moines, Iowa has a story about a man's bucket list that may or may not have gotten a little out of hand.

It all began when Iowa State Patrol attempted to pull over a mid-2000s Chevrolet Malibu for having tags with expired registration. The driver, 46 year-old Frederick Ray Jones, did not pull over and instead kept right on going.

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That initiated a police chase that led the troopers into Des Moines, where they successfully pulled off a PIT maneuver that ended the chase. Jones gave up peacefully and police found nothing when they searched his car. When Jones was asked why he ran away for such a minor offense, he simply replied that "it was on his bucket list." To that, officer Sgt. Scott Bright said, "In my 28 years, I've never heard that excuse." Jones was driving a car that wasn't his using a license that wasn't his, which led to him a long list of charges including OWI first offense, eluding, interference with official acts, operation without registration, unlawful use of license, speeding, and a parole violation. Hope it was worth it.