Irmscher Gives The Tesla Model Y Some Attitude With New Body Kit

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The owner can choose any color they choose too.

The tuning company Irmscher has gotten its hands on the Tesla Model Y and created a new body kit that gives the small crossover some serious attitude. Teslas are known for their insane performance, but overall the designs have always been rather subdued given their potential.

The Model S and Model 3 have already been given body kits from many different tuners over the years. It appears the Model Y is starting to get the same treatment with companies dropping their own renditions in recent months.

Irmscher, which is much better known for tuning Opels and Peugeuts, has apparently seen the potential in the body lines of the Model Y and given us something that wouldn't look too out of place in the next Need for Speed game.


This kit, much like many other Tesla ones, is strictly aesthetic since it's pretty dang hard to crack into the code of the vehicle and truly tune it. It starts up with the newly revised fascia with the long front apron lip that really sucks the car to the ground. It features a new grille and "air intake" that are both none functional.

From there new side skirts were added and continue the lowered look stretching back to a new rear diffuser that helps the vehicle look wider and more imposing. The rear also features a roof spoiler that the company labels as "expressive," although the press renderings don't offer a rear view of the vehicle so we'll just have to use our imagination to figure out what that means.


Irmscher then says the color is up to the owner, along with the option of different decal kits to really make your vehicle stand out. It appears that the owner can also choose to black out the roof and hood of the car as well, though we aren't sure if that's painted or if it's some sort of decal.

The real stars of the show are the gorgeous 20-inch multi-spoke wheels. Called "Heli Star" wheels, the imposing rims fill the wheel wells perfectly and can come in two different versions: black or diamond-polished. They remind us of the rims currently available on some different Audis, though the all-black look fits them much better.


The company then says special attention was also paid to the interior with the addition of stainless steel door sills, velour carpeting, and even a complete leather interior from the Irmscher factory. The company states "no wishes are left unfulfilled" in the press release, so whatever an owner's heart and pockets desire the company will most likely grant.

There's no information on what type of rubber the wheels will come with or even how much the entire kit is going to cost. We do know it looks pretty good, if not a little street racer-esque. If it's not your cup of tea though, companies like Novitec also offer Model Y kits in a different flavor. No matter the kit you choose, we can guarantee you're going to stand out in the Supercharger line.

2020-2023 Tesla Model Y Driving Back View Tesla
2020-2023 Tesla Model Y Driving Front Angle Tesla

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