Irmscher Reveals Inspiro Roadster

Didn't think the Seven could get any more retro, did ya?

There are two things Irmscher is known for. One is tuning cars (mostly European Chevrolets and Opels). The other is producing Lotus Seven-style roadsters (much as Caterham, Westfield, Elfin or Donkervoort). This new release from the German firm starts with the latter, but takes it in an even more retro direction. Called the Inspiro Roadster, it takes the approximate form of a Seven but with a unique chassis and a six-cylinder engine driving 204 horsepower to the rear wheels for a 5.7-second 0-60 time and a 150 mph top speed.

Inside the matte grey paintjob you’ll find red Nappa leather seats for a dynamite color combination. The car is being unveiled at the Retro Classic show in the same town of Stuttgart that Mercedes-Benz and Porsche call home. The SLS and Boxster may want to take note, but the most obvious target is another German company: Wiesmann, located further north near the Dutch border in Dülmen.

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