Is 380 HP Enough For The Mercedes-AMG A45 To Be The Hot Hatch King?

Chris Harris drives the vehicle and walks around Frankfurt.

Before the restof the world caught up to the insane amount of power in the hot hatchback segment,the Mercedes-AMG A45 reigned supreme. But Ford, Volkswagen, Honda and Audi havecaught up and AMG is in serious trouble. So AMG, doing what it does best, extractedan extra 30 horsepower from the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine for a whopping total of 376hp. Is that enough for the A45 to stay atop the list of the world's hottest hatchbacks? ChrisHarris got into one to find out.

As an added bonus we also get an inside look at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Check out the video below and enjoy the fact that hatchbacks now have sports car power.

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