Is A Faster More Hardcore Version Of The Bentayga In The Works?

Apparently, being the fastest isn’t enough.

The Bentley Bentayga is already the fastest and mostpowerful SUV in the world. However, that isn’t stopping Bentley from creatingan even faster and more powerful version of the luxury SUV. According to a reportby Auto Express, the British automaker is in the process of creating a versionof the Bentayga that will be faster, more powerful and styled differently thanthe one that was just introduced. Who knew 187 mph and a 0-60 mph time of 4seconds wasn’t fast enough for a SUV?

While the current Bentayga focuses on performance andluxury, the upcoming model will put performance ahead of everything else. Accordingto Bentley product line director Peter Guest, the SUV will be “much more biasedtowards on-road performance. But it will still have four door and four seats.” Ahigh-performance model of a performance SUV is definitely something thatwe could get behind. “It might not have as much luggage space as the Bentayga.But it will be much more aggressively styled, a lot faster, a lot more dramatic,” stated Guest. While the Bentayga is a beastly SUV, a faster and better looking model is somethingthat we would love to see.

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