Is A Ferrari LaFerrari The Most Badass Car To Ever Be Listed In Auto Trader?

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That's a clown question and you know it.

Even if you have the money it's not all that easy to buy a Ferrari LaFerrari. We recently saw one for sale in Florida for $5 million, and it's reportedly the only LaFerrari for sale in the US. However, if you live in the UK and want to get your hands on the ultra-rare supercar all you need to do is crack open the latest edition of Auto Trader. That's right, there's a 2014 LaFerrari with 931 miles for sale. How much is Prindville, the dealership selling it, asking for? That would be $3.6 million, which looks like a steal.

Mind you a "steal" in this case is anything less than $5 million. Many gearheads remember cruising the pages of Auto Trader in search of their first ride. Imagine the shock today's UK teens must feel when they crack open the magazine and find a Ferrari LaFerrari for sale among all the used BMWs and Toyotas.

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