Is a Fiat 500X Coupe at All Necessary?

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Probably not, but a 500X Abarth coupe sounds even better.

We're fans of the new Fiat 500X. It looks good inside and out and its overall dimensions are far better than those of the 500L MPV. No doubt it'll sell well in Europe and we're willing to bet it'll be a hit in the US too. Crossovers, notably compact ones, are quite popular today and the 500X offers both style and substance. Its five-door configuration is suitable for many. But what about a three-door model? Is there even a market for one? Heck, the strong-selling Nissan Juke only comes with five doors. Could Fiat potentially start something new here?

We're thinking no, but rendering artist Theophilus Chin has come up with a set of images of what a three-door 500X could look like. Really just shorter and with two less doors, a 500X coupe doesn't look bad in the least, but with less interior space it may turn off buyers. Then again, a 500X Abarth coupe would be fun to have.

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