Is A Helicopter The Best Place To Watch A Supercar Drag Race?


When you have two miles of runway it is.

Very few supercar drag race videos are filmed like this one. Usually you get a guy sitting in the stands trying to track the action or you're watching dashcam footage. The folks at VMAX 200 do things a bit differently because they have to. When you have two miles of runway and a ton of supercars you need to get creative. This race features a Ferrari LaFerrari and Shmee150's green McLaren 650S, both of which look pint-sized when viewed from a chopper.

Yes, the view isn't the best when it comes to detail but it does show you just how fast the LaFerrari is. The 650S was seriously smoked, and the beating it received couldn't have been properly viewed from the ground.

The man behind the wheel of the 650S, Shmee150, did however take footage of the race, which you can see here for comparison's sake.


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