Is A Modified Lamborghini Aventador A Match For A Tesla Model S P90D?

Drag Race

It's not quite a fair fight but still an awesome matchup.

It seems like just a short time ago that the Internet was filled with videos of Teslas racing supercars. Tesla itself has moved away from Ludicrous and Insane modes and onto making an SUV and a new entry-level model. However, people still haven’t stopped racing the Model S. Here is a race from the Netherlands between a P90D and an Aventador equipped with a Capristo exhaust. And before you ask, yes, this is the same Lamborghini seen blowing flames in another video we recently shared.

Can you blame us for wanting to show you guys awesome drag races and flame-splitting exhausts? Anyway, this race ends how you’d expect but it’s still a cool matchup. Check it out and try not to rip the driver in the Aventador to shreds in the comments section.

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As an added bonus there’s a 360-degree video of this race you can watch too! It’s shot from inside the Lamborghini providing an alternate angle of the race.