Is a Modified Mazda MX-5 Better than a Porsche Boxster?

With a small investment it's amazing what can be done to boost performance.

There are those who will forever designate the Mazda MX-5 as a girly car. Those who know better will forever laugh at them for underestimating the little roadster. It’s their loss entirely. For very little money, you can buy a first or second generation MX-5 in pretty decent condition. Sure it’ll likely have plenty of miles on the clock, but remember this is a Japanese-built car and not an MG or Triumph. Heck, even brand spanking new those old British roadsters leaked oil.

But now Auto Express has created a challenge for a 16-year-old modified MX-5: can it be made faster around a track than a Porsche Boxster? Obviously some modifications will be required, but the idea is not to spoil the MX-5’s original character. Can this be done? Check out Part 1 of the comparison ahead.

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