Drag Race

Is A Stock Corvette C6 Z06 Really A Match For The Charger Hellcat?

Don't ever sleep on Corvettes.

By now you know just how ridiculous the Charger Hellcat is. Yes, we’re talking the one with four doors, not two. We’ve seen it hit 205 mph, melt its tires and engage in a ton of other acts of badassery. What we haven’t seen it do very often is race. Here’s a video of what is said to be a stock Corvette C6 Z06 (aka the last-generation Vette) racing a Hellcat Charger. The C6 Z06 has a big 7.0-liter V8, but is that enough to down a Charger in a flat-out sprint?

We won’t spoil the ending but rest assured that you will be shocked and surprised, unless you're a huge Chevy fanboy.

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