Is A Supercar Flipper Trying To Make A Quick Buck Off Of This Rare Koenigsegg?

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This work of art is more than just an investment.

If you love rare hypercars and have $2.25 million in your Cayman Islands bank, then you may want to consider this Koenigsegg Agera R that was just put up for sale in the UK. This particular model is the very last Agera R to come out of the Swedish hypercar factory since Christian Von Koenigsegg ditched the model to start building the Agera RS, the One: 1, and the upcoming Regera. With 1,500 miles on the clock and 1,140 horsepower, this supercar barely has more miles on the clock than it has horses under the hood.

The car is painted black with bronze flakes embedded in the coat. Billionaires be advised: an orange interior contrasting with black paint creates a sinister look sure to cause envy. Exposed carbon fiber accents, a large rear wing, and carbon fiber wheels remind buyers that they are purchasing something that has more in common with a spaceship than a car. The driver only needs to mash the throttle to pull spacecraft numbers since the car will hit 200 miles per hour in 17.7 seconds. The car was previously on sale this year back in July and has gained $150,000 of value in just four months. Someone please buy and drive this poor Agera. It needs a caring owner who won't just treat it like a paperweight that gains value.

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