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Is a Turbocharged BMW M3 Better than a V8 M3?

Test Drive

It's the question that many are still deliberating.

Everyone should know by now that BMW ditched the naturally aspirated V8 for its latest M3 (and the new M4). In its place is a new twin-turbocharged inline-six that produces 425 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque. As with previous M3s, this one has been designed and engineered to outperform its predecessor in every category, with the possible exception of one: the engine note. Sure, it’s more fuel efficient, lighter and faster than the E90 M3, but does it have soul?

After all, the previous M3 was the only M3 to have a V8. But times are changing and high-performance cars must adapt. So does this latest M3 continue the proud M tradition? Motor Trend’s Carlos Lago gets behind the wheel to find out.

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