Is Anyone Surprised That Lamborghini's GT3 Cars Also Catch Fire?

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No, no one is surprised that another Lamborghini caught fire.

Italian supercars, like the kind built by Lamborghini, tend to catch on fire from time to time. That much everyone knows. In fact, these fires are so common that they are often seen as amusing instead of causes for concern. The GT3 racer in this video seems more pissed than anything about his Huracan going up in flames. It happened at an ADAC GT Masters race held at the Circuit Park Zandvoort in the Netherlands. In the beginning of the video smoke can be seen coming from the GT3 Huracan's engine bay.

Once the car rounds a corner you can see flames coming from the back. The driver takes it all in stride and seems to be more annoyed than anything else. Apparently not even Lamborghini's GT3 cars are immune from spontaneous combustion

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