Is Anyone Surprised That Maserati’s Still In Trouble?

The automaker’s like a fish out of water.

Maserati has not been having the best year but it looks like things are getting worse for the brand. The automaker is planning on halting production again to adjust for the lack of demand of the Maserati Quattroporte and Ghibli models made at its Grugliasco plant in Turin, Italy. According to a report by Reuters, Maserati plans to keep 1,900 workers at home from March 17 to April 4. This comes after the three-week period of temporary layoffs between January and February.

This is the fourth time Maserati has stopped production as temporary layoffs have become the norm. “Maserati now makes use of temporary layoffs each month…there is a risk that production this year will be lower than in 2015 when it was already down 30 percent on the previous year,” the company stated. Last year, Maserati shipments fell by 11 percent due to lower sales of the Quattroporte in the US and China. If Maserati doesn’t get its act together, there’s a strong chance the automaker will go extinct.

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