Is Autopilot At Fault For This Tesla Model 3 Crash?

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Or do you blame the Durango?

We are slowly getting used to cars driving themselves, with cars such as the Tesla Model 3 offering advanced self-driving technology that will guide your car on and off the highway without you having to lift a finger. But just how trustworthy is this technology really?

We've heard of some horror stories involving self-driving cars, and we're not too certain if the tech is ready for the real world. A world that's filled with drunkards and idiots. The following video shows what happens when Tesla's Autopilot system tries to do the right thing, but the man fails to follow suit.

In the video, we can see a Tesla 3 minding its own business down the highway with a Toyota Prius in the left-hand lane. As the video progresses, a Dodge Durango enters our view and starts to veer into the center lane, which the Tesla is occupying. As the Durango enters the Tesla's lane we can see both cars coming up to a semi-truck in the right-hand lane. The Durango is uncomfortably close to the EV. Right at that very moment, the Tesla slams on the brakes, seemingly to avoid colliding with the truck that has slightly encroached into its lane.


As the Tesla's autonomous driving tech kicks in, the Durango has no time to stop and smashes into the rear of the Model 3, completely obliterating its left rear taillight. Plastic is seen spraying everywhere. Both cars eventually pull over to the side of the road. To us, the actions of the Telsa looked unnatural and was most likely the self-driving system overreacting to the truck in the right-hand lane. The driver of the Tesla told sources that he was about to apply the brakes to prevent an accident with the truck, but Autopilot stepped in before he could. This accident could have been prevented if the Durango had kept its distance. None of the drivers were harmed.

Arizona DPS / Twitter

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