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Is Bentley Testing a Continental GT V8 RS?

Spy Shots / 16 Comments

Modified exterior and new wing point to a high-performance model on the way.

Spied testing on the Nurburgring, this Bentley Continental GT V8 stands out from current models, even the higher-performance S, with a modified exterior that includes an eye-catching wing. Also, it gains a new front fascia, modified bumper and what looks to be a stiffer, lowered suspension. So what is this mystery model that Bentley has unleashed on the 'Ring? If it is an RS version, it should aim to outshine the current highest-performing S model, which would be quite a task.

The Conti GT V8 S sports a 4.0-liter, twin turbo engine that delivers 521 horsepower, while the base W12 model provides 567 horses. That means the RS would probably fit comfortably between the two, making somewhere around 540-550hp. Of course, that's just our guess, so stay tuned for more details once they are made available.

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