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Is BMW M4 Too Refined For an M Car?

Test Drive

It perhaps does everything a little too well, including refinement.

You can call the new BMW M4 the M3 coupe if you’d like. BMW probably won’t like that too much, but in reality that’s what the car is. This is the first time that BMW has split its iconic M3 into two differently named models, the M3 sedan and M4 coupe. Why? Marketing purposes. M3 fans over the years may not be thrilled with this decision, but that’s the way it is. Still, the new M3/M4 are incredible all-around high-performance cars. They’re more powerful, lighter, and have improved fuel efficiency over their immediate predecessors.

And now the crew at XCAR has had its chance to get behind the wheel of the M4. Obviously they’re mighty impressed and the name change is relatively minor. However, has the new M4 become a little too refined? Has it lost that dynamic edge that made the E30 M3 legendary?

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