Is Bugatti About to Offer a Limited Number of Veyron Speedsters?

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Think of this as sort of a Veyron grand finale.

We recently had a significantly updated report regarding the upcoming Bugatti Veyron successor, likely to be called the Chiron. It's expected to have a top speed of around 288 mph and pack up to 1,500 horsepower. At the same time, we also learned that the Chiron has been delayed until sometime in 2016. But Bugatti still has some Veyrons left to sell and a workforce "to keep busy." It's also a little nervous about potential buyers holding off until the Chiron arrives. The solution? An extremely limited number of Veyron speedsters.

We're only talking about a small handful of units here, and each one would likely cost more than the so-called standard Veyron. Thus the speedster solution would bring in some easy cash for Bugatti. For the moment, however, Bugatti isn't saying a word whether or not the Veyron speedster has been given the green light, claiming all rumors are nothing more than "speculation we do not comment on." We've also heard that Bugatti is planning something special for Geneva in March. A Veyron speedster would fit the bill very nicely.

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