Is Bugatti Having Trouble Selling the Black Bess Legends Edition?

Will the Veyron just sell out already.

Unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show, the Black Bess is the fifth Legends edition Bugatti Veyron the carmaker will roll out in a limited run of just three units. Like the previous four Legends, each will carry a $3 million price tag. The French carmaker has so far had no trouble selling these ultra-exclusive models, but this promo video of the stunning black Vitesse roadster suggests it has yet to find homes for its latest creation.

Remember, Bugatti says it won’t move on to the Veyron’s successor until all 450 units of its iconic supercar are sold. Finished in lustrous black with 24-carat gold detailing, this particular model will find a well-healed buyer sooner rather than later. Bugatti will be hoping that's true for the last remaining examples too.

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