Is Buick About To Purposefully Turn Away From Younger Drivers?

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And they were so close to being almost cool...

There's a sad truth to what's happening over at Buick. It has created an undoubtedly beautiful, magnificent concept car, but above all that the recently revealed Avista is cool. It's got rear-wheel drive, a stunningly sleek and futuristic interior, and the exterior looks like it has been forged from a solid piece of kickass. Unfortunately it looks like it's not going to be made, though not at the fault of Buick. The market is geared toward SUVs and trucks, according to GM President Dan Ammann. Therefore, where does a badass coupe fit in?

Ammann made his comments to The Detroit Bureau at a charity gala. While there he basically axed the idea of the Avista, albeit subtly. "There isn't much of a coupe market anymore," he said. That's a damn shame, but what does the future hold for Buick's other recent rear-wheel-drive concept, the Avenir? According to a separate interview Buick/GMC chief Duncan Aldred gave to Automobile Magazine, the Avenir is a no-go. "We're not going to build the Avenir," Aldred finally confirms. "We never went into the show with the plan to build it. You're going to see elements of the Avenir in the LaCrosse." While it hasn't been confirmed that the Avista won't be made it sucks to potentially see two awesome concepts go to waste.

Especially considering the situation with the Avenir, it being a sedan! That at least can be marketed to families. If a cool and sleek sedan can't make production then what chance does a badass two-door coupe have?


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