Is Buying A Car With All Of The Latest Technology Worth It?

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Here are some features you should probably pass on.

Modern cars are packed with all of the latest technology, but it comes at a price. Getting options like automatic parking, navigation and more are expensive and can drive a vehicle's price through the roof. So is getting a vehicle with all of the latest gizmos actually worth the tremendous cost? According to the JD Power 2015 Driver Interactive Vehicle Experience Report, approximately 20-percent of new car owners have never used 16 of the 33 on-board gadgets.

According to the report, the five features that owners rarely use in a vehicle are in-vehicle concierge (43-percent), mobile routers (38-percent), automatic parking systems (35-percent), head-up display (33-percent) and built-in apps (32-percent). To be fair, there may be a simple reason for why drivers rarely use these features: it's because they're not very good. Other reasons for not using them include short commutes, rushed driving and more simply forgetfulness. So the next time you buy a car, save some money and skip all of the fancy technology features. At least until they get better.

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