Is Buying A Car With All Of The Latest Technology Worth It?

Here are some features you should probably pass on.

Modern cars are packed with all of the latest technology, butit comes at a price. Getting options like automatic parking, navigation andmore are expensive and can drive a vehicle’s price through the roof. So isgetting a vehicle with all of the latest gizmos actually worth the tremendous cost? According to the JD Power 2015 Driver Interactive Vehicle Experience Report,approximately 20-percent of new car owners have never used 16 of the 33on-board gadgets.

According to the report, the five features that owners rarelyuse in a vehicle are in-vehicle concierge (43-percent), mobile routers(38-percent), automatic parking systems (35-percent), head-up display(33-percent) and built-in apps (32-percent). To be fair, there may be a simplereason for why drivers rarely use these features: it’s because they’re not verygood. Other reasons for not using them include short commutes, rushed driving and more simply forgetfulness. So the next timeyou buy a car, save some money and skip all of the fancy technology features. Atleast until they get better.

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