Is Chevy Planning a Cheaper Volt Called the Bolt?


The name does have a nice ring to it.

Reports are coming in claiming that General Motors has recently filed a trademark application for the terms "Chevrolet Bolt" and "Bolt." So what does this mean, exactly? There are a few possibilities. One, the next-generation Volt could be split up into two separate models. The Bolt nameplate could be used as sort of a cheaper, entry-level version of the new plug-in. This would enable GM to have a direct competitor, price wise, to the Nissan Leaf.

Then again, "Bolt" could be used for a different model entirely that won’t appear for a few more years. There have been rumors of a super-secret EV in development that would go head-to-head with the Tesla Model S. Or, perhaps, "Bolt" won’t even be used at all. It’s entirely possible that GM trademarked the name in order to prevent any chance that some Chinese company will one day try to build yet another foreign car rip off with a similar name. It’s been done many times before. Whatever the case may be, expect to see Chevrolet reveal the 2016 Volt in January at Detroit.

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