Is Chrysler Bringing Back The Car It Never Should Have Killed?

You want this to happen.

Every automaker is capable of making mistakes, but few acknowledge them and even less attempt to fix the issue. Fortunately, Chrysler appears to be one of those rare exceptions. We’re hearing a few reports that Chrysler is seriously considering bringing back the 300 SRT, which was dropped from the lineup this past year. Sources claim that test mules have been spotted around Detroit with what sounds like a more powerful V8 under the hood.

The previous 300 SRT was powered by a 6.4-liter Hemi V8, but Autoguide thinks there’s a possibility that engine will find its way into an updated 300S trim. Remember, the SRT brand was reincorporated into Dodge, so don’t count on it being attached to a Chrysler model again. If an even more potent 300 were to return, it won’t appear until next year at the very earliest. But what we’d, and just about everyone else would love to see, is a 300 with the Hellcat V8.

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