Is Driving A Lamborghini Gallardo In Winter A Terrible Idea?


Or all-wheel drive for the win?

Supercars are incredible vehicles that deserve to be driven, but the majority of vehicles rarely see the outside of a heated garage. Vehicle Virgins' 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo is a vehicle that sees all types of weather, including wintery conditions. The majority of us will never have the opportunity to drive a supercar, but this enthusiast lists five reasons why he hates driving the Gallardo in wintery conditions. It sounds like owning an exotic supercar isn't as easy as everyone thinks. An all-wheel-drive supercar should be great in winter, right?

As you'll find out, driving a Gallardo in winter isn't the best idea. But we think an all-wheel-drive supercar with winter tires would fair a little better.

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