Is Driving Through Snow What Lamborghini Gallardos Were Made For?

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Sure, why the hell not.

With the exception of the Valentino Balboni edition (the LP550-2), Lamborghini Gallardos came equipped with all-wheel-drive. Some don't like that because it interferes with driving fun. Others prefer all four wheels moving for better traction, among other reasons. And because of that improved traction, AWD cars of all types can better handle wet road conditions. Point being, why not take an AWD Gallardo out to play in the snow?

We've seen stuff like this done before but this YouTube guy, TheStradman, teamed up with a friend to make things more entertaining. Along with his own 2006 Gallardo there was also a Gallardo LP 570 Performante Spyder. Both went in search for snow in the mountains of Utah and it wasn't hard to find. Not a bad way to spend a cold winter's day.

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