Is Dyson About To Enter The Electric Car Game?

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Yes, it appears a hoover maker now wants to build an EV.

It's not unusual to see or hear of technology companies and entrepreneurs looking to branch out into the automotive market. Tesla, for instance, was founded by a former computer terminal engineer, and Peugeot was busy building pepper mills years before it considered building a motor car. In spite of these historical precedents, though, some developments do take us by surprise: Autocar is reporting that Dyson of all companies could be developing its own all-electric car.

The main impetus of this new rumor comes about through an update to someone's LinkedIn profile. It now turns out that Ian Minards, the former Director of Product Development at Aston Martin, is now the Global Product Development Director at the British home appliances manufacturer. Given Minards has extensive experience in the automotive sector, it would be strange for him to abandon nearly 20 years of car development experience to start work on domestic utensils, so it's understandable why so many are drawing that conclusion from this particular revelation. Especially as Minards would have had some involvement in the RapideE EV (pictured) project.

This would also tie in with additional reports that do point towards Dyson developing an electric car. Earlier this year, it was revealed that Dyson would be at least partly assisted via UK Government funding to develop "a new battery electric vehicle". Of course, this wouldn't be the first time a tech company has been linked to an all-electric car project, and Dyson refuses to comment on speculated projects it may or may not be working on, but all the signs are pointing towards a future where we'll see Dyson release its own all-electric production car. Hopefully it won't be too long before we legitimately find out what Dyson's automotive plans entail.

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