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Is Elon Musk Secretly Fact-Checking The Tesla Motors Club Forum?

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One fairly new forum member knows an awful lot about Tesla's business.

The Tesla Motors Club Forum is one of the more active automotive forums on the internet. It's also one of the oldest. Lately, there's been a growing suspicion that one of the forum members is Tesla CEO (and soon to be former chairman) Elon Musk himself, according to Automotive News. Tesla denies this is the case. The suspicions began on August 3 of this year when someone using the forum name "Fact Checking" began posting.

After only three months that user amassed over 1,300 posts. No big deal, right? Some people love nothing more than to sit in their mom's basement all day and night posting comments online. However, Fact Checking showed not only remarkable intelligence but a deep understanding of finance as well.

This user, whose profile information is private, commented on posts relating to short sellers (Musk is highly outspoken in his frustration and anger at market short seller), and even orbital physics (Musk's personal Tesla Roadster has just passed Mars orbit). This user has a deep understanding not only of business and science but also seemed to know what was going on inside Musk's mind, hence the theory this user is actually Musk himself.

Forum members didn't suspect this user could be Musk until October 4, the day Musk tweeted this joke: "Just want to say that the Shortseller Enrichment Commission is doing incredible work. And the name change is so on point!"

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A forum member noted Fact Checking used the identical phrase five days earlier. Total coincidence? It's certainly possible. Perhaps Musk just reads the forum but doesn't comment. Fact Checking even acknowledged Musk's tweet: "So is Elon reading TMC, or is he joking like me? Not sure which possibility I find more unsettling."

It took only a few minutes for another forum member to write: "I think Fact Checking is Elon."