IS F Coupe Means Lexus is Upping its Game

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As BMW readies its M4, Lexus is preparing some fresh ammunition of its own with the upcoming IS F Coupe.

There's no question that Lexus is gunning after the German big boys, specifically BMW. For years, Lexus has done an excellent job at building superb quality but rather drab luxury cars. That formula, however, simply won't work anymore in today's luxury car business. Along with a string of new mainstream and so far successful models like the GS and IS, Lexus will soon unveil its much anticipated BMW M4 fighter, the IS F Coupe.

Only a few days ago did a report surface indicating the next IS F would ditch the 5.0-liter V8 due to new Euro emissions standards in favor of either naturally aspirated or turbocharged V6. Our sources on the ground that snapped photos of this test mule couldn't clarify what was under the hood, but the car does have an aggressive front end with large air intakes and a small hood scoop. Out back is a set of quad exhaust stacked tailpipes as well as a modest pop-up spoiler on the trunk lid. Also note the rear fenders are more pronounced than what's found on the IS sedan.

Combined with the large brake rotors and calipers, it's quite clear Lexus is aiming higher in both styling and performance than with the last-gen IS F. More than likely, the new IS F Coupe will be good for at least 450 horsepower, but will that be enough to make the also upcoming M4 sweat a bit? We'll have to wait until later this year or early next to find out.

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