Is Ferrari Brave Enough To Build This Off-Road FF?


One designer thinks so.

We have seen Rain Prisk Designs on CarBuzz before. The rendering artist recently turned several awesome sports cars and supercars into shooting brakes, including a Nissan GT-R and BMW i8. Now he's back with this, an off-road version of the Ferrari FF. The FF is a lot of things: oddly proportioned, all-wheel drive, surprisingly quick and damn roomy come to mind. One thing it's not is off-road capable. That's true of most Ferraris, though. The automaker is staunchly anti-SUV, which we like. Still, would an off-road FF be a complete sin?

We don't think so, at least not according to this rendering which is unfortunately limited to just a single image. The FF's ride height has been bumped up substantially and its off-road tires sit in larger wheel arches. The off-road running lights also look kind of cool and the roof-mounted canoes don't look out of place at all. Of course Maranello would never go for it, but if the company ever did decide to cave to consumer pressure and build something a bit more SUV-like this would be a great place to start. A world with a V12-powered off-road shooting brake would just be better.

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