Is Ferrari Cutting Corners Or Is This An Act Of Brilliance?

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It's all about cutting production costs.

In case you didn't know, developing and designing cars is ridiculously expensive. To help rein in costs, automakers have been engineering what are called modular platforms, essentially a single platform that be easily and relatively cheaply modified to underpin several models. Volkswagen was the first to adopt this strategy with its MQB architecture. And now we're hearing that Ferrari wants to as well. But Ferrari is anything but a mainstream brand like VW. Would this cheapen the Italian supercar builder?

According to a report from Automobile, Ferrari is set to launch a new modular vehicle architecture that'll serve as the basis for most of its future models, except special edition one-offs. This strategy will cut costs and improve production flexibility. The architecture can be modified for both front- and mid-engine vehicles. Electronic systems, engines, gearboxes, and suspension setups can be "swapped in and out with ease." Which Ferrari will be the first platform recipient? The next California, due in 2017, and it'll also debut a new design language – "more extroverted, more aggressive, and more radical." The California will also become more track-focused but will keep its folding hardtop. And yes, an entry-level Ferrari Dino is still in the works.

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