Is Ferrari Planning a Le Mans Return?

Ferrari may soon be heading back to Le Mans for 2015 in order to compete in the top LMP1 category.

It’s great to see Porsche back competing in Le Mans. And for anyone else tired of seeing Audi winning the endurance race for what seems like a gazillion years in a row now, a familiar name may soon return the Circuit de la Sarthe. You may have heard of it before, a little company called Ferrari. A German publication is claiming that Ferrari is seriously thinking about entering the LMP1 category with an all-new prototype. If you don’t know your Le Mans history, the last time Ferrari took part in the event was back in 1973.

The last time it won the race was in 1965. Apparently, Ferrari will return only if it can guarantee with its tech and engineering people whether the prototype racer will be ready to hit the grid by 2015. A decision will need to be made this year in order to allow proper development time and testing. Ferrari, as we all know, doesn’t like to lose at anything, especially in motorsport. So if we’re to see the Prancing Horse at Le Mans in the near future, it’ll be because Ferrari believes it can win.

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