Is Ferrari Planning An Even More Hardcore And Badass FXX K?

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Yes, but it won't happen for some time.

The track-only badass Italian stallion, the Ferrari FXX K, had its debut not long ago, joining an impressive pedigree of XX models, the 599XX and FXX. But is this the best Ferrari can do? According to Ferrari test driver, Marc Gene, it's not, but such a car wouldn't be easy to develop. Speaking with Autocar, Gene stated that "Right now, I think we cannot improve that car. But no doubt something will come up. I wouldn't be surprised if it happens, but it won't be in two years. Cars like this have a life cycle of around ten years."

Could a potential FXX K Evoluzione develop more than the FXX K's 1,036 horsepower? Likely not, as Gene further explained it's hard to see future cars "having more power than that. Now the focus will be on efficiency and then on power-to-weight ratio. Weight is critical." As in the case of the 458 Speciale, a more extreme FXX K wouldn't arrive until the end of its life cycle not long before its replacement is due. In other words, it'll be at least a decade or so from now.

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