Is Ferrari Preparing A Hardcore FXX K Evo To Take On The Project One?

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Just when you thought the ferocious Ferrari FXX K couldn't possibly get any more extreme.

While Ferrari's main reveal at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show was the new entry-level Portofino, Mercedes-AMG stole all the spotlight with the F1-powered Project One halo car. Turns out Ferrari's retaliation is what looks like an even more hardcore version of the already extreme FXX K track monster, possibly confirming previous rumors that a Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione is coming. Captured in a spy video, the camouflaged prancing horse prototype can be seen being thrashed around the Monza circuit.

At the rear is a huge arcing rear wing spread across the entire width of the car replacing the FXX K's split rear wing, as well as a more aggressive diffuser. Two dive planes can also be found on both sides of the front bumper. There's also the ear-splitting sound of Ferrari's signature V12, which sounds as sublime as ever.

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The video suggests that Ferrari will bring back the Evoluzione name last seen on the more hardcore version of the Enzo-based FXX. While the standard FXX produced 790 hp, the more extreme Evoluzione variant boosted the power up to 850 hp. Based on the LaFerrari, the track-only FXX K is the fastest car Ferrari has ever built with 1,036 hp, so the prospect of an even more powerful version on the horizon is exciting to say the least. The only downside is that, unlike the Project One which is essentially a road-legal race car, the FXX K Evoluzione will be restricted to the race track.


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