Is Ferrari Really Telling Dealers To Stop Taking Orders For The F12berlinetta?

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If so that means a new one has to be in the works, right?

Members of the FerrariChat forum may have just broken some big news about the Ferrari F12berlinetta, namely that its end is near. The "Can not order new F12 anymore" thread is exactly what it sounds like. Several members have been posting about how their Ferrari dealership can't take any more F12 orders, this decree coming directly from Maranello. Now this may just been idle forum chatter. Indeed, The Drive followed up with Ferrari and was told that a production end date has not been set and that deliveries will continue throughout 2016.

A denial is what you'd expect from Ferrari. Why the hell would it let members of an owners forum break a piece of news this big? Although the source is a bit sketchy we believe the FerrariChat members when they say that the F12 is on the way out. It makes sense given that the car will be five years old come 2017. Of course "out" doesn't mean that the F12 will be gone forever. The F12 has been well-received and will likely get the same treatment the FF did, with the latter going from a butt ugly caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly with a ridiculous name, the GTC4Lusso. To be fair F12berlinetta is already a pretty ridiculous name. Hopefully Ferrari picks something a bit more conventional for the next generation. What the hell is wrong with just F12?!

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