Is Ferrari Really Worth What It's Being Valued At?

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Hard to argue it isn't.

Earlier this month rumors began to go around regarding Ferrari's upcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO). How much would it be worth? Some estimates placed it as high as $11.2 billion. Considering Ferrari only builds around 7,000 cars per year, that's an absolute crap load of dough. Supposedly, at least half of Ferrari's value comes from its brand alone. But now that a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission took place last Friday, we're now getting a clearer picture as to the exact IPO amount.


According to Bloomberg, Ferrari is valued at around $9.82 billion. Its sale will consist of "17.2 million shares of Dutch holding company Ferrari NV at $48 to $52 each." The whole idea behind the Ferrari spinoff from Fiat Chrysler is to raise funding for future investment in Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Maserati. What's interesting is that as a part of the separation, Ferrari will be taking on 2.8 billion euros in Fiat Chrysler debt. With that debt included, "Ferrari will have an enterprise value of about $12 billion." Not at all surprising, demand for Ferrari stock is extremely high. Apparently, "initial requests for Ferrari shares may exceed the amount available by more than 10 times."

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