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Is Ferrari Testing An Even More Extreme FXX K Evo Track Car?

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Could we be looking at a new prototype Ferrari Le Mans racer?

Just when you thought the FXX K couldn't get any more extreme, Ferrari introduced the lighter, more track-focused FXX K Evo last year. With its insane aerodynamics and striking looks, the Evo represents the pinnacle of the FXX K range and is without a doubt the most extreme car Ferrari has ever made.

However, a video of a mysterious test car suggests Ferrari could be preparing an even more hardcore version of the LaFerrari-based track car.

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The car being thrashed around Ferrari's private racetrack at high speed appears to be a camouflaged version of the FXX K Evo, but we can't see any obvious differences between it and the FXX K Evo that launched last year. It seems to share the same aerodynamic parts, but the poor video quality makes it difficult to analyze the car.

This could mean it's simply a customer car being tested before the owner takes delivery. Ferrari could also be testing an updated powertrain that will be introduced in the near future. It could even be an early prototype for a future Ferrari Le Mans racer.

We want this to be true because Ferrari hasn't raced a factory prototype at Le Mans in over 40 years. However, it seems unlikely as reports suggest Ferrari pulled out of discussions about the new Le Mans hypercar class last month. Whatever Ferrari is cooking up here, your guess is probably as good as ours.