Is Ford Bringing Diesel Cars to the U.S.?

Ford might be bringing turbodiesels to the U.S. Chevrolet is already bringing the motors across the pond for use on the Cruze.

Ford has been selling F-Series diesel trucks in the U.S. and selling turbodiesel-powered cars in Europe for some time now. According to Ward's Autos' interview with Dan Kapp, Director-Powertrain Research, Ford isn't planning on bringing the latter to the U.S. anytime soon. Their rivals over at General Motors have recently revealed plans to bring turbodiesel engines to the U.S. on their Chevy Cruze subcompact. In Europe, the Ford Focus boasts a turbodiesel and rivals the Cruze.

Kapp said to Ward's: "I love diesels and want them to be a solution, but it's a tough economic challenge. Turbodiesels typically add 10% to 15% to a vehicle's cost, and diesel fuel currently runs about $0.20 higher than regular gasoline. Will customers pay more for a diesel? Will they get a payback? Diesel fuel may continue to go up in price, so we're looking at it. It may be that diesels will be a choice (vis a vis) electric vehicles." GM needs its subsidiaries to hit the magical 54.5mpg number by 2025. If the American car manufacturer thinks diesel motors can help them achieve this goal, you can be sure they will send them over en masse.

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