Is Ford Crazy For Asking This Much For A Fully Loaded F-150 Limited?

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The pricing of luxury trucks is getting out of control.

This summer Ford introduced the F-150 Limited, its new top-tier luxury truck. The Limited came with everything a luxury truck should, including a sumptuous interior, plenty of driver-assisting tech and "LIMITED" lettering that lets everyone just how special the truck is. Shortly after its release we wondered if $65,000 (or more) was too much to pay for a luxury truck. The idea was that it would never do real truck things, such as hauling or towing, and would only be used as a luxury vehicle. Why not just buy a luxury SUV or sedan instead?

The F-150 Limited has a base price of $58,480. Selecting four-wheel drive bumps that price up to $61,905. But how much does it cost with every available option? Nick Bunkley of Automotive News took the time to play with the Limited's configurator and came up with $68,515. Four-wheel drive is the most expensive option, coming in at $3,425. Other pricey add-ons include a hard-top tonneau cover for $995. On the tech side, Active Park Assist will run you $440 and the nifty Pro Trailer Backup Assist comes in at $395. Obviously very few people will select every option. Still, we find it a bit odd that an F-150 not named the Raptor could even possibly sell for that much. What happened to being America's blue collar truck?

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