Is Ford Killing Off SVT to Create '999'?

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Paying tribute to the company's first race car.

Ford's performance division, Special Vehicle Teams (SVT) may soon be undergoing some significant changes. At least in regards to its name, that is. According to several reports, the company has been carrying out surveys to evaluate a new name for the division, assessing consumer reactions to the name '999'. This isn't some sort of upside-down tribute to the wheels the devil rides on, but rather a name with some historic significance to the company's racing legacy, going all the way back to Henry Ford.

The 999 moniker was actually used by two race cars developed and built by Ford in the early 1900s, but doesn't seem to have been used very widely in the company ever since. SVT, on the other hand, has been around for decades, and has signed off on some of the blue oval's finest creations. Is this a much needed rejuvenation of the brand, or just another marketing scheme that will prove to be a waste of time?

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