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Is Ford Really Planning A Four-Door Mustang?

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Dearborn's been dropping hints to dealers.

When Ford pulled the plug on most of its passenger-car lineup, the Mustang stood as one of the few exceptions that would live on. But the two-door pony car may not be the only version to survive, even thrive, under Dearborn's new strategy.

According to Mustang6G.com, the Blue Oval automaker recently revealed plans to its dealers for a four-door Mustang as a sort of all-American take on the idea behind high-end European models like the Porsche Panamera and Mercedes-AMG GT Four-Door. And what's more is that the V8 engine is expected to play a key part.

Details are few and far between at this early stage, but word has it that the eight-cylinder engine could go turbocharged, adopting the EcoBoost approach Ford has taken with its smaller engines, including the turbo four available in the existing two-door Mustang. Only we'd expect the V8 to adopt two spools – one for each cylinder bank – like the 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 powering the Ford GT supercar. Whether the twin-turbo V8 would find its way into the two-door pony car, we couldn't say for sure. But we certainly wouldn't rule it out, especially for the next-generation model.

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The rumors bode well for the future of the American muscle sedan, which has been dying a slow and painful death. Since GM discontinued the Chevy SS, the Dodge Charger has been left all on its own. And with apologies to the Fusion Sport and Taurus SHO, Ford hasn't really offered a rear-drive, V8 muscle sedan in America since the Mercury Marauder flashed in the pan a decade and a half ago.

The four-door isn't the only spin-off planned for what's now emerging as an entirely family of Mustang derivatives, with an electric performance crossover (formerly known as the Mach 1) set to emerge as well.