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Is Formula E the Future of Racing?

Sounds unlikely now, but never say never.

Formula 1 cars underwent a major change this season: they dropped the V8 for a turbocharged V6. And it sounds like shit. Actually, it doesn’t sound like much of anything at all (just like EVs). But that’s another issue entirely. What’s beginning to take shape, however, is Formula E racing. Yes, E as in Electric. These race cars push EV technology to the limits, and then some. Basically, those behind Formula E hope this tech will trickle down to future EVs in the same F1 technology does to conventional cars.

Heck, even four-time Formula 1 Driver’s Champion Alain Prost is a supporter. So could Formula E potentially one day replace F1, or any other motorsport? XCAR tries to find out. Photos courtesy of

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