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Is GM Moving Chevy SS Production to North America?

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Once Australia manufacturing ends, then what?

All Australian auto manufacturing will cease to exist in just a few short years, and many are wondering what's going to happen to the Holden Commodore and its Vauxhall VXR8 and Chevrolet SS twins. All three are currently made in Australia, and the SS is just beginning to go on sale in the US. Does this mean Chevy's new V8-powered muscle sedan is going to have an extremely short lifespan? Perhaps not.

A new report from Autocar claims GM is considering the possibility of moving production of the big rear-wheel-drive sedans to somewhere in North America once the Australian operation is shut down in 2017. A senior GM official has even stated that this particular platform will remain in production beyond 2017 as well. But then the question is: where will production take place? One very clear possibility is the Ontario, Canada, facility that builds the current Chevrolet Camaro. If you recall, the Camaro is built on a shortened version of the Commodore platform, thus making things fairly simple for the facility to be prepped for sedan production.

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