Is "HyperVeloce" A Stupid Name For Lamborghini's New Supercar?

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It's pretty damn similar to SuperVeloce...

Ah, another day another fresh round of rumors about Lamborghini's newest supercar. What we know so far, or what we think we know, is that it will be based off of the Aventador SV and will push 800 horsepower out of its V12 engine. Now The Supercar Kids has a report that the new Lambo will be called the HyperVeloce. For our money we kind of hope this isn't true as it's a bit lazy on the part of Lamborghini. Why is it lazy? Well, for starters the damn car it's based off of is the SuperVeloce! Hyper sounds faster than super but that's not the point.


Past Lamborghini special editions have had interesting names like "Reventon" and "Veneno." Hell, we'd even settle for Sesto Elemento II. Of course at this point the supercar's name and its very existence are rumors until Lamborghini says otherwise. If that day ever comes it won't be before the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in August, the reported site of the HyperVeloce's debut. If you think this name is complete crap let us know in the comments.

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