Is Hyundai Planning a Veloster Turbo Spec-R?

Industry News

Perhaps this time they'll finally build the hot hatch we've wanted all along.

Let's face it; many people have been disappointed by the Hyundai Veloster's performance. When the base model was launched last year, few were surprised by its lackluster numbers due to its unexciting 1.6-liter four-pot with just 138 horsepower on tap. Earlier this year the Turbo model was launched, powered by a turbocharged version of the same engine which now produces 201hp.

Despite the hype, the Turbo was still an overall disappointment for most hot hatch enthusiasts, especially when compared to competitors such as the MazdaSpeed3 and even the Volkswagen GTI. However, Motor Authority has just reported about their recent conversations with an inside source at the Korean automaker who hinted that a Veloster Spec-R variant may be coming up in the near future. Along with being slower than said competitors, one of the biggest gripes people have with the Veloster Turbo is its suspension, which wasn't improved from the base model.

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According to Motor Authority's source, this was done intentionally in order to make "room in the lineup for a higher-performance variant." No exact details were given in regards to a production time frame or the potential car's other improvements, but Motor Authority speculates that a so-called "Spec-R" would receive revised chassis tuning, a lower ride height and an independent rear suspension. More power would be likely as well and they expect Hyundai to try and get a bit more juice out of the turbo 1.6-liter four instead of swapping it in favor of the Genesis Coupe's 2.0-liter turbocharged four.

There's no word yet whether this project has been given the green light, but we'll hopefully know for more in the coming months.