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Is it Better to Own an Old Porsche 911?

If you've got the budget, Porsche will be more than happy to restore your old 911 to better than new condition.

Let’s face it: the current generation Porsche 911 is simply not as pure as the old, more mechanical 911s of yesteryear. Cars today have lots of fancy electronic gizmos running them, and the new 911 is no different; its PDK dual-clutch a prime example. But for anyone looking to have a 911 that’s free from major electronic systems, you’ll need to drive an old 911. That’s not a bad thing, just a potentially very expensive alternative. This new Porsche produced video is all about its classic 911 program, and consider us sold on the idea.

If your pockets are deep enough, the automaker will restore your old Porsche to tip top condition with all of the right parts. If it were up to us and money wasn’t an issue, this would be our preferred choice.

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